Movie Screening

On February 24-28 Plaza Indonesia will hold a film screening with stories consist of human’s definition of love, which to be this year’s theme of Plaza Indonesia Film Festival, “Colors of Love”. Featuring exclusive movie from Istituto Italiano, screening and recent award winning movies from Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival 2019, to Festival Film Indonesia 2019 and collaboration with JOGJA NETPAC Asian Film Festival short movie 2019. Prior to the film program there will be line up’s of La Dolce Vita, Monos, Mountain Song, The Lighthouse, 8 ½, The Science Of Fiction, House Of Hummingbird, Honeyland, System Crasher, and JAFF Selection: Asian Short

Movie Clinic

Our philosophy is to blend the creative, vibrant ideas of the young generation with the expertise of the best in cinema, art, to content creator in order to sharing their expertise of the industry with the line ups: Chitra Subiyakto (Costume Designer), Riri Riza (Director), Joko Anwar (Director), Mira Lesmana (Producer), Tara Basro (Actres) and Ical Tanjung (Cinematographer).